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I dont know about blinding happiness, but yes for the other two.

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I havent really planed effects for all the dust types yet, just wanted to see how the concept went over first. It sounds like an okay concept to me, though more details will obviously be needed to explain the effects properly. Hm, I would say that the emotion should have a physical effect, not simply aesthetic. I actually envision something a bit different; rage causes increased strength and could turn the skin red, joy could cause increased speed, etc.

Note: these happen normally, based on emotion intensity, and usually aren't combat worthy, exempting stronger emotions. How does this person not accidental burn a building to the ground if they cannot consciously control the Semblance as you claim? Well it takes much stronger emotions to cause really damaging effects. Between that and anger management type exercises, most buildings remain intact. Sounds like mood magic mixed with elements- but at the same time, it's a bit strange. Most Semblances are meant to have some possible combat aspect. I'm a little on the fence about the deceleration bit, so if it needs to be tossed it's gone.

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Arkantos It's kind of like a one way mirror? One way blocks the vision and only shows your reflection, the other allows you to see through it?

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It sounds fine to me, to be honest; put it up somewhere, anything that goes through one side becomes slower and anything that goes through the other becomes faster. Since you've limited it to one it's not OP, as multiple enemies would be able to flank the user and circumvent it, and it doesn't stop the attacks outright so anyone charging through it will still be able to attack the person. Pretty much how it works. Originally I was going to have it so that it accelerated anything that passed through from either side, but then I realized how easily that could backfire.

Question; is the glyph stationary or can the user move it around like a shield? And those Tiers are basically exactly the same. They both have the body moving before the aura. Is it meant to be a sort of echo effect, where the aura repeats the last motion made by the user? Anyway, the cloak basically acts as a second body. Tier one: when the User attacks the Aura kind of lags behind doing the same attack slightly later, yes like an echo.

Tier two: Same deal but in reverse, The Aura moves first, the body following the same pattern of movement.

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The body becomes the echo here. It'd be confusing to the enemy to not know which attack is coming first. The Aura hits harder, so itll break through most peoples guards, when they're not expecting it. Vedran created a semblance similar called Echo a while ago, but yours is different enough I think. At later levels yes, where it can be delayed, but it will never act before the user, so it get's a pass from me. Before I dare to try another Semblance, is their a self-boosting one- rather, a reinforcement one already?

Short description: The user is able to reinforce their own body using aura, greatly enhancing all physical capabilities, depending on the level of reinforcement, and extent.

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Visual effect: The ears, tail, and hair change color from white to black, depending on the extent of reinforcement. General limitations: The greater the reinforcement, the more aura is required- additionally, to sustain the reinforcement for any period of time, aura must be channeled constantly to do so- requiring not simply enormous aura levels, but immense control. This also applies to the extent of reinforcement; full body enhancement requires far more aura than simply augmenting a limb or just say the skin. The physical condition of the body affects the reinforcement- to be precise, reinforcement is far more effective and productive when applied to a physical fit, and well-conditioned body- as well as a well-rested and healthy body.

Reinforcement does not render the users invulnerable- rather, they are far more durable in a sense, but still susceptible to injuries. Additionally, reinforcement of the body beyond the limits will result in heavy physical injury to the user- in addition to any injuries sustained while reinforced.

Active ability: Tier One: The user is able to reinforce their body, specifically, a part of it, enhancing it for a short period of time, by a noticeable amount though only one part a time. Reinforcing the skin to resist cuts, to a degree- but nothing else.

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  • Active ability: Tier Two: The user gains greater extent for reinforcement, up to nearly an entire limb, and additionally, can reinforce two targets. Active ability: Tier Three: Not only does the extent continue to increase, but the level of reinforcement greatly increases, allowing for an entire limb to be reinforced- and maintained as well as the ability to supercharge the enhancement for a brief burst. Reinforcing the same arm again, only to briefly supercharge during mid-launch of the punch, turning it into an explosive strike in a sense.

    Active Ability: Tier Four: At this level, the user has gained the ability for a full body enhancement- such as their skin- their entire skin, or alternatively, their muscles, skeletal system, etc. Additionally, the user is capable of reinforcing sensory organs to increase their capabilities. Reinforcing the eyes for greater vision, or the ears for better hearing- and so on. Despite the confusion of last names, Shiroga is in fact Yuki's father, both being wolf Faunus- though Yuki's mother is in fact, human. The distrotions can only be maintained briefly in short intervals minutes duration.

    The user appears to be in one spot when they are actually a few feet from that percieved spot. Mainly uses this Semblance to avoid combat if possible. Odd…Did you decide to scrap the avatar semblance now that it was missing the talking back to the person? Because I thought we agreed the current version was fine. News to me. I don't recall. I made this up based on spacetime abilities just a few days ago. I only faintly recall something similar but it's for a different Semblance.

    Are you sure you're not confusing it with something else? I think he means Disturbia, which was that teleportation one which included the distortion around the user. Tier 3 is a little bit similar and the distortion thing made me think of Disturbia as well, but it is a completely different semblance. Oh, now I see. Disturbia is mental based movement that isn't really teleportation at all, just fast movement. Spacetime Distortion is physical based. Actually, should I alter Tier 3?

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    • Also, I made the Smeblance to make the character esentially a hard to hit character that has plenty of opportunities to counterattack. If you try to hit him, you could actually just think you hit him when you really just hit thin air a few feet to his right. You miss and he's in a good position to attack you. Semblances don't need both a passive ability and an active ability. You don't have to fill in every spot on the template. Also, Tier one is counterproductive. He reinforces himself, making him more resistant to damage - but aura stops all damage as a passive thing anyway. That's the point of aura.

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      So really, he's expending aura to make himself more resistant to something that he's already resistant to. The only thing's you'd get out of it is higher strength or heavier weight, which is useful for a person who focuses on landing on something as their main attack or not being thrown around from an attack.

      But to then go from making yourself heavier and stronger to reinforcing the senses doesn't quite work as it's too big a leap in the opposite direction; one's brute force, one's fine details. I don't think it quite works to have him increase his senses if he has a semblances that increases his strength and density. This is nothing like Dante. He doesn't copy moves, he just uses freestyle combat based on his weapons. He masters weaponry so well because he's half demon heritage of a knight. Actually I did. Vergil in DmC uses guns. He used it to kill Lillith.

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      And he's dressed similarly to Adam, and he leads a revolutionary organization called the Order that all wears masks. Oh you mean in that unplayable cutscene where he used a sniper rifle that was never seen or used again? Not even in the dlc that made him playable? Must have slipped my mind for some reason. You said with A gun. You never said what kind of gun or what specications. But still, there are some remarkable similarities.